Welcome Alumni

Alumni, join us on Facebook by searching for LSU BSU/BCM.  That is a great place to connect with former classmates, find out about Homecoming and receive other alumni news. 

Greetings! I pray God’s blessings on you and your family. Please be in prayer for our BCM students as they serve in different capacities throughout the school year.

We are thankful for the great support we receive from our local, area and state churches and from our alumni, the parents of current and former students and from interested individuals.

We would ask you to consider making a financial contribution to our ministry. Your support can help us reach students for Christ on the LSU campus. Some of our current financial needs would be:

  1. Scholarships – For students to attend local, state and national conferences and mission trips. We have several that needed help with the Christmas holiday trips. During the Spring semester we will take mission trips to New Orleans, Hawaii, Mexico, and South Africa this summer.
  2. Staff – Additional staff interns help us greatly in outreach to students on campus and especially to sub-groups such as athletes, fraternity and sorority members, transfer students, graduate students, International students, etc.
  3. Utilities – Our BCM Center is being used for over 30 different meetings and groups each week. This increases our utility costs.

Please continue to pray for us. If you ever have questions about our ministry then please email me at lsubcm@eatel.net or call me at 225-343-0408 (BCM) or (225) 964-0830 (cell).